4 Panel vs. Tri-Fold Tonneau Covers

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The key difference between a tri-fold tonneau cover, such as the Extang Encore or Advantage Hard Hat, and a tonneau cover with a 4 panel design, like both our G4 Elite and LS Series Fold-a-Cover, is the amount of the truck bed they allow access to when the cover is fully stacked up behind the cab of your truck.

Because the 4 panel design of our Fold-a-Cover products divides the cover into 4 panels of equal length, along with its unique accordion style folding pattern, you have access to 75% of your truck bed when the cover is fully stacked behind the cab of your truck.

Fold-a-Cover 4 Panel Hard Folding Tonneau Cover

Tri-fold tonneau covers, like the Encore, Solid Fold or Hard Hat, divide the cover into 3 panels  of unequal length because of their standard “flip over” hinge design.  The folding method requires each panel to be folded on top of the next; this means the last panel must be larger than the other two.  As a result the covers take up 40% of your truck bed, leaving you with only 60% access when the cover is fully stacked behind the cab of your truck.

Typical 3 Panel Tri-Fold Tonneau Cover

Aside from the obvious benefit of having more room to haul larger cargo items with a 4 panel tonneau cover, having more access to the truck bed has many other benefits.  Fold-a-Cover products work seamlessly with fifth wheel applications as well as gooseneck trailers.  It is not uncommon for some tri-fold tonneau covers to have clearance issues with these types of applications.  Another thing to note is that when the Fold-a-Cover is fully stacked it still utilizes four attachment points to your tuck bed, while many tri-fold models will only have 2 points of attachment when stacked behind the cab.


  • Would like to get price on your 4 fold toneau cover before have not found any that i like

    • The only place to order a Fold-a-Cover direct from the manufacturer is at the Fold-a-Cover Factory Store (linked below). Just enter your vehicle information to see the products that are available for your specific make and model vehicle.


      Please contact us at support@foldacover.com if you have any additional questions.

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