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Fold-a-Cover FAQs

Can I purchase a key blank for my lock?

Steffens Automotive does not sell blank keys for the Fold-a-Cover.  However, replacement keys are available for purchase.  Simply locate the key code that is stamped on the top of the lock cylinder of your Fold-a-Cover.  If a key for your lock is no longer available for purchase, an upgraded lock assembly can be purchased and retrofitted onto your Fold-a-Cover.

Can I purchase replacement parts for my cover?

YES!!  Replacement parts are available for purchase through our Replacement Part Specifier, and scroll down to the LS Series or G4 Elite cover that best fits the description of your vehicle.  Once you have located the proper cover and vehicle click the “order parts” icon, and you will be taken to a page of available replacement parts for your Fold-a-Cover

Can I drive my vehicle with the cover partially opened?

All Fold-a-Cover products are designed to be used in the fully open, or fully closed position.  Operating your vehicle with the Fold-a-Cover in a partially open / closed position can result in damage to your cover, and cargo bed contents.  Any damage as a result of your Fold-a-Cover being used in any partially open / closed position is not covered by warranty.

What can I do to keep my Fold-a-Cover looking and working great?

Just like the paint on your vehicle, care needs to be taken to keep your Fold-a-Cover looking its best.  We recommend a product called 303. It is an aerospace protectant and can be purchased through their website at www.303products.comIt is important that you keep your hinge seals conditioned to maximize your covers ability to eliminate as much moisture as possible from your cargo area.  We recommend using an automotive grade rubber conditioner to prevent the seals from drying and cracking over time. These basic maintenance steps performed every 6 months will keep your Fold-a-Cover looking and working great for years.

Are Fold-a-Covers water proof?

Fold-a-Cover tonneau covers innovative 4 panel design provides the ultimate combination of protection and flexibility.  As a result of that 4 panel design, Fold-a-Covers are not 100% waterproof.  However, when installed correctly, Fold-a-Cover Tonneau Covers are engineered to be greater than 98% moisture resistant during typical rainfall.  What does that mean?  In a rainstorm, for every gallon of rain that falls on a parked Fold-a-Cover, less than 3 ounces of water could potentially gain entry to your truck bed. We always encourage extra precautions be taken when transporting moisture sensitive items in your truck bed as the cover is not 100% water proof.

What is the warranty on the LS Series or G4 Elite cover?

Fold-a-Cover product have a one year warranty on materials and workmanship.  This does not cover freight, packaging, or adhesives.

Can a Fold-a-Cover be installed if I have a bed liner? If so, will it require any trimming or altering of the bed liner?

Fold-a-Cover products are designed to be used when bed liners are present.  Typically bed liners do not cause a problem with the installation of Fold-a-Cover products, but they may occasionally require trimming or subtle modifications to insure that your Fold-a-Cover is installed and functions correctly.If your vehicle has a spray in bed liner, Fold-a-Cover models that utilize 3M adhesives for attachment of our rail system may require trimming of the spray in material on the truck rails to insure proper adhesion over the rail.

Can I open my tailgate when the cover is in the closed position?

For trucks without a locking tailgate: Because your Fold-a-Cover locks your tailgate as well, you must slightly open the rear panel of the cover in order to open your tailgate.

For trucks with a locking tailgate: You can open the tailgate if the cover is in the closed position. However, the seal installed on the rear panel is designed to be compressed on top of the tailgate so you will need to open the rear panel prior to closing the tailgate.

How does the Fold-a-Cover lock work?

Fold-a-Cover is one of the few lockable hard folding tonneau covers on the market.  When you lock your Fold-a-Cover it locks your tailgate, regardless if your tailgate has a lock or not!

Can I have a Fold-a-Cover custom painted?

Steffens Automotive does not offer a custom program for any of its products.

How long does it take to install the cover?

Installation times will vary depending on the individual.  Consumers typically find that 90 minutes is sufficient for quality prep and installation.  Once the initial installation has been completed, the cover can be removed and replaced in less than 5 minutes for full use of your cargo area.  If you need assistance in installing your Fold-a-Cover, please use our dealer locater to find an authorized installer near you.

Can I purchase a replacement panel for my Fold-a-Cover?

YES!!  Please contact Steffens Automotive regarding requests for replacement panels via email or by phone (616) 656-6886.  Please have the make, model, year of your vehicle, and bed length, the type of Fold-a-Cover (G4 Elite or LS), and the specific panel(s) that need to be replaced.  This will assist us in providing you with accurate pricing and lead times for your replacement panel.

What is the Fold-a-Cover made of?

All Fold-a-Cover tonneau covers are constructed using primarily aluminum and stainless steel materials which exceed OE quality standards and finishes in our state of the art manufacturing process’. The materials used are:
  1. Panels – Lightweight EPS (Styrofoam) core laminated and wrapped with aircraft grade coated aluminum skin, and precision extruded aluminum frames.
  2. Hinges – Full length, rust and corrosion proof stainless steel

What are the differences between the LS Series and G4 Elite Covers?

The G4 Elite and LS Series Fold-a-Cover products are similar in many ways.  Functionally, both models use a 4 panel design, and can be opened from both the front and rear of the cargo area.  Structurally, both models are constructed using OE grade materials and finishes along with precision manufactured components.The G4 Elite and LS Series products have 2 primary differences:  
  1. The G4 Elite Series with its innovative latch handle design allows for true one handed opening of the cover in less than 3 seconds without opening the tailgate.  The LS Series cover requires use of two hands when opening the cover, but can still be opened without opening the tailgate.
  2. The G4 Elite Series has center latches which creates a more secure cargo area with 8 points of attachment while the LS Series does not have the center latch feature and has 6 points of attachment.

How do Fold-a-Cover Tonneau Covers work?

All Fold-a-Cover products have a 4 panel design to provide the highest level of flexibility to all incremental use of your vehicles cargo area.  Fold-a-Cover’s 4 panel design along with its ability to be opened at the front and back of the cargo area make it the most functional tonneau cover on the market.

Personal Caddy FAQs

What is the Personal Caddy made out of?

All Personal Caddy cargo management systems are constructed with OE quality materials and finishes using state of the art manufacturing process’. The materials used are:
  1. Panels – EPS (Styrofoam) core wrapped with OE grade polymer skin
  2. Frame – Precision extruded aluminum with OE grade finish

Steffens Automotive FAQs

What are lead times for Steffens Automotive Products?

Steffens Automotive is committed to providing the products and parts you need in a timely fashion.  Orders placed before 2:30 EST for stocked products and parts typically ship the same day.  If you have questions regarding product or parts availability, please contact us.

Style Step FAQs

What is the warranty on the Style Step?

Style Step step tubes are warrantied against rust and corrosion for as long as you own your vehicle.

What capacity can the Style Step product hold?

400 lbs 

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