Fold-a-Cover Tonneau Covers

Steffens Automotive introduced the Fold-A-Cover, the first hard folding tonneau cover in the industry in 1988.  The patented Fold-a-Cover design introduced an entirely new level of quality and functionality in a truly unique product.  All tonneau covers are not created equal! You should demand more from your next tonneau cover.  When looking at options ask yourself…

  • Can the cover open and lock at both the front and rear of the truck bed?
    Fold-a-Cover can!!
  • Can the Cover be opened without opening your tailgate?
    Fold-a-Cover can!!
  • Is the cover lockable, and can it lock your tailgate?
    Fold-a-Cover can!!

The G4 Elite is the latest model in the long line of innovative Fold-a-Cover products. It’s upgraded flush mounted latch handles allow you to access the cargo area with one hand in less than 3 seconds! The best part? Like every Fold-a-Cover before it, you can open your cover without having to open your tailgate.

LS Series Fold-a-Cover has been setting the standard for quality and functionality for years. Not only was it the first hard folding tonneau cover, it’s ability to be opened and locked at either the front or rear of the cargo area, and our exclusive patented rail and wind seal system make it the most unique solution on the market.

All Fold-a-Cover hard folding tonneau covers…

  • can be opened and locked from both the front and back of the cargo area.
  • can be opened without having to open your tailgate.
  • are made of OE grade components and finishes.
  • provide an unobstructed rear view when fully opened.
  • are mounted using OE grade methods for safe and secure use.
  • can support up to 450 lbs of evenly distributed weight.
  • are 95% moisture resistant in normal rainfall when properly installed.

As you can see all Fold-a-Cover products offer superior design, quality, and functionality.  Choose which Fold-a-Cover product best suits your needs and budget!

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