Tips for keeping your Fold-a-Cover in good working condition

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Just like the paint on your vehicle, care needs to be taken to keep your Fold-a-Cover looking its best and working properly.  We recommend a product called 303. It is an Aerospace Protectant that will help protect the rubber seals on your tonneau cover from becoming dried and cracked due to  UV rays and can be purchased directly from their website at

It is  important to keep all rubber material on your tonneau cover conditioned to maximize its ability to eliminate as much moisture as possible from your cargo area.  303’s Aerospace Protectant is designed to do this. We recommend using it on  the hinge seals, blade seals and bulb seals. It will help prevent these seals from drying and cracking over time. A good rule of thumb would be to apply the protectant every time you change the oil in your truck.


If you are looking for a product to apply directly to the panels, to add an additional protective coating to the powder coated finish, the best option is a liquid wax product (paste type waxes will not apply properly to the textured finish).  Another option would be adding the “wax” option in automated car washes. These basic maintenance steps performed every 3 months will keep your Fold-a-Cover looking and working great for years to come

Note: Any automotive grade rubber conditioner will work as well, however, we have heard the best results from those who have used 303’s product.

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