Tips for proper weather seal installation

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To properly install the weather seals on either the G4 Elite or the LS Series Fold-a-Cover, be sure to:

  1. Complete the installation in an area that is no lower then 70°F to ensure that full adhesion takes place – if this is not possible, use a heat gun to heat both the tonneau cover panel and the seal before and during installation.
  2. Clean the area of the cover where the weather strip will adhere with isopropyl or denatured alcohol to ensure it is free from oil and dirt
  3. Apply the adhesion promoter to the contact surface of the panel. Allow 1-2 minutes to dry.
  4. Remove a small section of the red backing and begin applying the weather seal to the tonneau cover panel.
  5. Once completely attached, apply pressure along the length of the of the weather strip with a roller or box end of a wrench to ensure even transfer of all adhesive.
  6. Trim the ends of the seal if necessary.

This short clip from our G4 Elite installation video will show you visually how to properly install the weather strip.

A concern that some customers have is how the weather strip sits on the tailgate immediately after installation. It may bunch up or not slide well over the tailgate, especially if you have a plastic tailgate cap.  This happens because the weather strips are manufactured to have a very sharp angle to prevent most water, dust, and other elements from getting into your truck bed.

After a day or two of having your new Fold-a-Cover installed this will correct itself as the seal adjusts itself to your tailgate. There are, however, a couple options we recommend to help the weather strip fall correctly into place.

  1. If it bunches up, run your thumb under the seal to make sure it lays flat until it has adjusted itself.
  2. We also recommend using some Armor All or 303 Protectant and wiping down the underside of theweather strip. This will make them slick so the weather strip won’t get caught up on the ridges of the tailgate.
  3. If possible, let your truck sit out in the sun for the first day. The heat will help form the weather strip to your truck.

Fold-a-Cover G4 Elite Hard Folding Tonneau Cover Blade Seal Detail

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