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One unique benefit of the Fold-a-Cover is its ability to open without having to first open the tailgate. This is a feature that most other hard folding tonneau covers do not offer. This situation, that many people probably face, came to our attention through a customer who wrote a review about our G4 Elite he recently purchased. This particular customer had a larger truck, a Ford F-150 Raptor, that he typically backed into his garage. Because of the trucks size it just fit into his garage and left very little room around the front and rear of the truck which made it impossible to open the tailgate while the truck is parked inside. Luckily, the Fold-a-Cover allowed him to still have access to his truck bed do to its ability to open without having to open the tailgate.

I back into my garage. The Raptor barely fits, but it fits. The G4 allows me to open the cover without dropping the tailgate… something I physically can’t do with my truck backed in and the garage door closed. I couldn’t do it even if I pulled head first in with the door closed either, so it’s a good thing no matter how ya look at it. -BigJ FordRaptorForums.com

Chevrolet Silverado Parallel Parking

Both LS Series and G4 Elite Fold-a-Cover allow you to open the cover independently from the tailgate with a handle recessed to the drivers side of the truck. This can be beneficial in some other everyday situations as well, for example;  if you were to park somewhere such as a city street or pull through a spot in a parking lot there is a possibility someone could park very close to you. If they park close enough, it may be extremely difficult to reach the tailgate handle or open it at all depending on how large the vehicle behind you is. With any other tonneau cover that requires you to first open the tailgate to access the cover, you would have to move out of your parking spot to gain access to you truck bed.

Another everyday instance where being able to access your truck bed without the requirement of opening the tailgate would be useful is if you have your truck backed against a wall, fence, or other structure. Without having to move your truck you still have the ability to access 100% of your truck bed to load or unload any items you may need.

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  • Where can I found this unique fold-a-cover? This reviews is enough to get convinced for buying suck a bed cover for my truck. It’s really very essential for security, weather and mileage. Thanks in advance…

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